7 reasons Brad and Angelina Jolie split

reasons Brad and Angelina Jolie split
Angelina Jolie et Brad Pitt en novembre 2015 à Hollywwod. © Michael Kovac / Getty Images

The world’s most famous couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no longer a union, following a long-year history of being together and a two year marriage.

There are actually quite a few scenarios why these two broke-up that have become the talk of the town. Here are are the top 7 reasons backed up by claims that support it:

1. A private detective hired by the likes of Angelina has revealed that Brad Pit’s affections weren’t only focused on Angelina. The detective has specifically found that Pitt shared some intimate moments with the gorgeous actress Marion Cotillard, after meeting her on the scenes of the movie Allied. Further details pertaining to the matter  like why these two got closer to each other are still under investigation.

2. Clash of parenting styles. According to their lawyers and official sources, it was a clash in parental styles that was the tip of the iceberg and made Angelina file for divorce. Angelina reportedly had a looser approach to her kids while Pit wanted more discipline. We aren’t sure if this is the primary reason they broke up as they claim but it seems to have played a part.

3. Pit’s called out the name of Gwyneth Paltrow during sleep. Some gossip sources claim that while sleeping at night pit called randomly the name of Gwyneth Paltrow, which has reportedly got Angelina butt heard enough to file a divorce. Not sure if we believe it as it comes from non-credible sources but it might be a reason too.

4. Brad Pitt had secretly gotten back together with his ex. Poor Jennifer Aniston has been thrown in a love triangle for years ever since her split with Brad, and now more than ever, some people still involve her somehow to the Brand/Angelina split. So according to this scenario, Brad Pitt still loved and met with Jennifer Aniston in secret, something that perhaps Angelina was aware of.

5. Another secondary reason, which seem to have added fuel to the fire was Pit’s choice to go on vacation to Croatia with his close buddies rather Angelina and their kids, which of course, made Angelina infurious.

6. Pit’s drinking and smoking issues have gone out of control. According to Hollywood tabloids, Pit’s drinking and smoking addiction was hard to manage and affected Angelina and the kids in a bad way as he reportedly had sudden outbursts of anger towards his family.

7. Angelina’s erratic and bizarre behavior. This one is no mystery as Brad himself has revealed in an interview that sometimes Angelina’s behavior was too difficult to handle–fair enough considering that he was the one to blame for their break-up.

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Written by Ava Whitmore

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